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My testmony October 10, 2006

Posted by fireman in Uncategorized.

My life has been a life with ups and downs, I am born in a family that loves God but i never new this God i thought  there is no God, but when i was a kid  i used to go to sunday school and then gave my life to Jesus and became a christian .At the age of 14 i was filled with holy spirit  when i decided to go in abush to have time with God and then i was filled with power of the holy spirit.

But when i joined high school i forgot all  about God. it just started with a butt of cigarette and then i got into drinking all types booze and then worst  of all i got into drugs, i got into big mess in my life, i escaped death three times.

One day we were going for sports in near by town with other schools and we were ready to fight and cause confusion in the field we carried types of weapons that we needed to fight with other schools that tried to win our soccer team.

On our journey we over turned 4 times in aschool track that had carried over 200 hundred students many of us where on death point i broke my left had  many where injured,  When went for the x ray they told me that i will lose my hand,  i remember praying and telling if He would spare my hand i would praise Him and worship Him with all my heart , The good news is that God had my prayers and from then i gave my life completly to God and started preaching in villages and House to house  evangelism and from then i started increasing in the anointing. I began to see miracles in my life , people get healed from diseases, Everyday in my life i so Gods power when i prayed for people that  have been bewitched and demon possed.

At the age of 20 i started to my healing meetings in small church which was runned by my Dad who is apastor . By then the church only had 20 members. But right now the church has grown so big and God has told me to stand with my dad who was ordianed as abishop of impactministry to oversee over 100 churches.

May the almighty God bless as i will always keep on sharing His goodnes and mercy.